Official MELBET partners affiliate program -

Official MELBET partners affiliate program

Official Affiliate Program MELBET partners is one of the most profitable in the world in terms of earnings on attracting players. Among the benefits of working with MELBET - individual conditions for each partner, perfect openness of data on the actions of players, fast and stable weekly payments.

Earnings of partners is determined by the actions of players registered on the affiliate link or using the affiliate promo code. You get
up to 50% from profit - bets of attracted players minus the amount of winnings.

Melbet Partners — это высококачественные инструменты креативного маркетинга и новейшие продукты на рынке. Многоканальная служба поддержки партнёров и игроков работает круглосуточно.

Why MELBET partners?

Several benefits of partnering with Melbet partners
Profitable commission
Profitable commission

Individual conditions

Get up to 50% with each involved player

    Regular payments
    Regular payments

    Every week

    Automatic payments convenient methods

      Creative marketing
      Creative marketing

      In stock and on order

      Many promotional materials in your language

        Best support
        Best support

        24 \ 7

        A personal manager is assigned to each partner


          Daily reports

          Own statistics tools

            Largest market
            Largest market

            Partners worldwide

            Over 300,000 partners worldwide



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              FAQ - main questions

              1.How to register?

              To register, just click the “registration” button and fill in the required fields by entering a valid phone number, your personal email and the desired contacts to contact the manager. IMPORTANT save your username and password! And go through two-factor identification (2fa), which is necessary for the security of personal data and data about your payment methods and wallets.

              2. How will I know that players are assigned to me?

              To attract players you need:
              a) use a link that you can generate in your account in the “affiliate links” section. In the column “site” you can indicate your site, this will help sort reports if you have several channels for attraction. In addition to a link to a site, it can be a link to a telegram channel, Facebook, VKontakte, etc. Next, select the appropriate landing page (through the “company” column) and click “generate link”. If you do not want to use the landing page, and want to make a link to a specific page of the website (registration, or a specific game, match). You need to select default in the "company" column, and in the "landing page" column insert a link to the desired page, for example (/en/user/registration.php - registration page).
              b) use the promo code (see question number 7).
              Please note that when using the promo code, players are assigned to you even if the player clicked on someone else’s ref link.

              3. How can I get my money?

              Payments occur once a week, on Tuesdays. Billing period from Monday to Sunday of the previous week. The minimum payout amount is 30 usd. That is, if you earned 10 usd from Monday to Sunday (conditionally from 01/02 to 07/02, and another 40 usd next Monday (08/02), there will be no payment on Tuesday (09/02), since 40 usd earned on Monday go to the next reporting week.

              For the payment we recommend making a new one player account (as a wallet! it should not have your money and bets should not be made from it). To connect it to the affiliate program you need to contact the manager.

              Your earned money will be credited to your created player (affiliate) account on Tuesdays. With your account you can withdraw your money any available and convenient method for you.

              4. Where to see how much I earned and who I attracted?

              a) There are several report forms in your affiliate office. The most convenient, perhaps, is a “report on players”. In order to correctly see statistics on the report, you need to enter the dates for which you want to see statistics EXCLUDING CURRENT DAYsince the system is updated once a day. In this report you will see all deposits, losses and winnings of players. If you are interested in the number of registrations without deposits (players who have registered, but have not yet made their first deposit), then you need to check the corresponding box, which you can see on the same page.

              A “summary” report shows general statistics in numbers, without a breakdown by player. When choosing this report, make sure that the exact dates (not the period) for which you want to generate a report are selected.

              b) The specific amount accrued for payments and also the transfer of the amount can be viewed in the section “payment history”.  Do not forget to indicate the dates.

              5. The player has registered, but I do not see him.

              a) if the player has registered on the day the report is generated, then statistics on it will be displayed on the next day,

              b) make sure you select “player report”

              c) if registration is carried out without a deposit, then in the report you need to check the corresponding box, which you will see on the same page

              6. How to get a demo account

              This service is available only for partners who have already brought players with deposits, at least 5 people, real people who bet on sports or casinos. In any other situation, the demo will be categorically refused. We draw your attention to the fact that before issuing a demo we check the listed players.

              In the case of multi-accounts (when one person makes multiple accounts), fraud or other types of fraud, the partner will be blocked.

              We also draw your attention to the fact that the company does not sell demo accounts and has never done this. Everyone who offers to buy a demo account from them are scammers.

              7. How to get a personalized promo code?

              To receive a personalized promo code, you need to contact your manager, send him the aff id (your registration number) of your affiliate office and the word for the promotional code (in Latin letters, numbers, from 4 characters).

              You can also generate a set of random numbers and letters for your promo code in your account in the “promo codes” section. Both promo code options have the same bonus.

              The personal promotional code gives an additional bonus to players up to 130 euro (instead of 100 euro) on their first deposit (terms for receiving a bonus on in the bonuses section).

              8. The player did not receive a bonus. Why?

              a) he did not fulfill the conditions for receiving a bonus (the conditions are shown to each player upon registration, you can additionally read on the website in the “bonuses” section)

              b) the player re-enters the promo code

              c) the player enters the wrong promo code

              d) the player did not fill out the questionnaire completely when registering

              9. How to increase the percentage of earnings (Revshare)?

              As in any business, the % of dividends depends on the results.

              Initially, a new partner receives 25% of the profit of the bookmaker.

              To increase your % of earnings, it is best to contact your manager and discuss with him the conditions for increasing, because all conditions are individual. On average, to increase by 5% it is necessary to bring 30 FTD (players who made the first deposit) per day.

              10. How do I contact my manager?

              In order to contact your manager, you must write to the mail

              • indicate your operational contact details (e.g. telegram, vk, fb or skype etc.)
              • indicate your aff id (partner number in the MELBET affiliate program)
              • and write on what issue do you want the manager to help you
              I did not find the answers to my questions. What to do?

              If you did not find the answers you were looking for, you can see them in a more detailed FAQ by going to the appropriate page from the menu item or mail to

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