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MELBET Affiliate Program Rules

Betting company - a resource (MelBet) on the Internet, where users are offered the opportunity to bet on a sporting event in online mode;

Affiliate program - An agency in the field of marketing, which through affiliate schemes attracts new visitors to the site;

Affiliate - a web master (individual or legal entity), fulfilling the conditions of the affiliate program at melbetpartners.org, attracts new users, thereby promoting MelBET products;

Players - bookmaker clients who have registered using the Partner link;

Earning - certain funds received by the Partner as a commission on profits from players attracted by him;

Profit - It is calculated as the sum of all player bets minus the amount of bets won.

Pay - accrual of the Partner’s earnings from the internal account of the Affiliate Program to the external payment system;

Reporting period - a certain period of time for which the funds received by the Partner become available for withdrawal to external payment systems;

Promotional materials - a set of tools used to promote the products of the bookmaker MelBet in the Internet.

Partnership agreement

1. The Partner undertakes to familiarize himself with its terms before starting work with the Affiliate Program, and then accept them.

2. In the conditions of the Affiliate Program, changes are possible, while the Affiliate will be notified about this via e-mail.

3. Only a client who has reached the age of 18 years can become a member and fulfill the conditions of the Partnership Program.

4. The entire responsibility for the security of personal data, their storage, including login and password, lies with the Partner. Affiliate program MelBet not responsible for the loss of personal data.

5. The Partnership Program may refuse to cooperate with one or another Partner, while the Partnership Program MelBet does not undertake to explain the reason for the refusal.

6. Affiliate program MelBet has the right to make any changes to the Rules. The current Rules are those that are currently published on the Affiliate Program website; there is no opportunity to track the chronology of changes. In case of changes in the conditions of the Affiliate Program, customers will receive a notification about them by e-mail specified during registration of the Affiliate.

7. Clients of the Affiliate Program are provided with graphic advertising materials, there is no text support. Partners are allowed to use the site information in any variations.

8. As ways of advertising a bookmaker MelBet Affiliates are prohibited from using email spam, contextual advertising with a mention of the MelBet brand and advertising formats such as clicker and popunder. If such actions are identified, the Partner’s personal account will be closed, all funds received will be canceled, commission payments will not be provided. It is also forbidden to use false information about the bookmaker and Bonuses.

9. There is a ban on the use of stuffing cookies by the Partner:

- website opening MelBet in an iframe with zero size, as well as in an invisible zone;

- The establishment of tags, script cookies and other similar manipulations.

If these rules are not observed by the Partner Program participant, his personal account will be canceled and blocked.

10. The affiliate program is available only for one participant, re-registration as a sub-partner is strictly prohibited.

11. The partner is forbidden to register his own game account in the bookmaker through his affiliate link, as well as to conspire with other players.

Referral Commission

Affiliate earnings do not have a fixed value. It depends on the income of the bookmaker’s received from those players who have registered using the Partner’s link. Commissions, bonuses, the total turnover of funds attracted by the Player do not affect the Partner’s earnings, comprising from 25% of the net profit of the bookmaker made by the players of the Partner.

Melbet reserves the right to revise the terms of a partnership agreement unilaterally without notice.

Commission fee

The partner can receive commissions automatically every week on Tuesday in his game account for payments, but only if these funds exceed the minimum, for payment, values of 1500 rubles or $ 30. If the Partner does not have such an amount, then the funds will be automatically transferred, and so on until the desired amount is accumulated. A negative balance is also carried over to the next month.

In some cases, identification documents may be requested from a partner before withdrawing funds. Partner agrees that the contents of its promotional materials:

- based on facts and does not contain any knowingly false information;

- is not indecent or offensive and does not contradict the law;

- is posted using legal methods and is not a form of spam. Melbet can check the sources of traffic and, according to the results of the check, refuse to pay profit (if the traffic was received using prohibited methods).

Dispute Resolution Procedure

Affiliates Program Participants MelBetpartners they can dispute any situation, because the affiliate program considers all controversial issues in the case of providing specific information - facts and arguments. It is necessary to provide them in a letter to the e-mail of the Partnership Program Support Service. Within 14 days from the receipt of the letter, complaints or wishes will be considered, and the Partner will receive a notification of the result of the consideration in the response letter. It is forbidden to use profanity, any kind of insults and false data in the text of the letter.