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1.What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a marketing system through which webmasters and companies (which have their own web resources and other tools) promote and offer leading gambling or betting brands to their audience.

After registration, you get access to the partner’s office, where on the page «Get promotional materials» you will find a huge selection of advertising materials, and on the page «Get an affiliate link» you can generate your own unique link to the main or registration page (as well as pre-installed landing pages) that can be published on your websites, blogs, publics or mailing lists. There you will also find banners in .jpeg, .gif, .png or HTML5 format, which are automatically updated to advertise relevant events and promotions.

If a visitor to your site (or a subscriber of the newsletter) becomes a referred player (by clicking on your affiliate referral link and going to the website of our betting company, he registers, makes deposits and plays), you earn 25% or more under the RevShare program, or receive a previously agreed payment on CPA (cost per action)

2. How to become a partner?

It’s easy to become a partner: registration in the affiliate program takes less than 2 minutes. After registration, your account will be reviewed by the moderator and activated if all data is entered correctly. Then you can contact your manager to clarify the origin of your traffic and resources, discuss the terms of partnership and help in solving the necessary problems.

3. Is participation in the affiliate program free?

Yes! Absolutely! Participation in the affiliate program is absolutely free. All you need is to register. There are no entry fees or minimum player requirements.

4.What are the advantages of the MelBetpartners affiliate program?

You get a decent profit on RevShare from 25% and CPA programs for every player you bring. RevShare for life! Throughout the game of the listed players, you receive income! You won’t find so many reports on the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns for the betting business anywhere else.

Our brand MELBET is actively growing in the betting and gambling markets. We are constantly opening new countries of representation, introducing bonuses for players, developing an advertising presence, increasing brand awareness. All this directly affects the results of the work of our partners.

5. Can I trust you?

Yes, absolutely. You must understand that in gambling, and indeed, as in any online business, a good reputation is the basis of well-being and prosperity. Therefore, transparency and honesty are the main rules of our work.

An affiliate program is the best way of cooperation between an advertiser and owners of advertising tools on the Internet. Using the offered advertising materials provided by our affiliate program, you can use many methods of promotion: text links, banners, advertising articles on sites and blogs. Start working and today you can earn money by attracting players to our bookmaker.

We are successfully cooperating and we are already trusted by the largest arbitration teams and webmasters, various top media outlets, bloggers and stars of show business, sports and even Hollywood stars.

6. How often are statistics updated?

Registration and deposit statistics are updated every 30 minutes. In real time, statistics are updated only for views, clicks and direct transitions. Statistics may not be displayed during the next recalculation, but it does not disappear, but is simply updated.

For a more complete picture of the results, it is better to look at the reports for the previous day.

7. How is my affiliate income calculated?

The income is automatically calculated separately per day and is finalized the next morning from 4.30 to 5 UTC and goes to your balance.

Basically, projects work under the RevShare program (from 25%), according to which you receive a percentage of the bookmaker’s profit, otherwise from the loss of the players you attracted. CPA programs are connected individually upon request to the Support Service and involve a fixed fee for attracting players who have made an agreed minimum deposit amount, made bets for a certain amount, etc.

The formula for calculating the company’s income from a player: Amount of bets — amount of winnings — amount of bonuses.
Formula for calculating partner income:


Company income (total) * RevShare (%)

Example (RevShare 25%): RUB 10938.83 * 0.25 = 2734.71 rubles.

8. How is the balance formed?

The income for the current day is visible only in statistics and is finalized on the morning of the next day from 4.30 to 5 UTC and goes to the balance. This is how it is credited to the account balance. Money under the referral program is credited instantly to your personal account of the system.

9. What is an affiliate referral link?

An affiliate referral link is the main mechanism for recording attracted players and all statistics on them (the amount of deposits / wins / losses / list of games played) in our affiliate program, independently formed by a partner. Users who clicked on this link and registered in the bookmaker within 30 days from the last click on the affiliate link are automatically registered by the attracted players to its owner — from them the partner receives a commission.

10. How to generate a new referral affiliate link?

In the «Get an affiliate link» section, you need to select the site where you plan to attract players, currency and campaign. In the «Landing page» field, you can generate a link to register in the bookmaker, line, Live, to a specific match, to the player’s registration page, etc. For example, to generate a link to register in a bookmaker, you need to specify the part of the line that is after the first slash character (/)

SubID field. It is needed to track traffic, for example, if you have several banners on your site, or there are several sites on which affiliate links are posted, then in order to see where the transition was from, you need a SubID. Name the SubID with the name of your site, for example, the public, assign the SubID to it vk_com_group_name, that is, replace the slash with an underscore. Click Generate Link and it will appear in the Ready Link field.

11. Do you have a sub-referral system?

Yes, the sub-referral system assumes earnings from attracted partners to our affiliate program (a partner attracted by another partner is called a sub-partner), which is 3% of the total income of the partner’s company. Referral percentage can be seen under Account> Commission Structure.

12. What is a promo code for?

Partners can attract new players using a promo code. A player who enters a promo code when registering with a bookmaker will be tied to the partner who owns the entered promo code, even if the player has followed the link of another partner, since the promo code has higher priority than the link. In the report on promo materials, the subid field will display the promo code by which the registrations were made.

There are also social networks and portals that prohibit posting advertising materials with a link to the bookmaker. To do this, it is better to use promotional materials with a promotional code.

In order to create a unique promotional code, you need to contact your manager.

FAQ — My Melbet Partners account

13. How do I change my payment details?

To change your payment details, write a request to the Support Service or write to your manager.

14. How can I change my password?

You can change your password in your profile settings. To do this, just enter the old password and enter the new password 2 times in the appropriate fields and click the «Change password» button.

Please note that managers do not have access to information about your password and they can only reset your password settings (i.e. you will receive an email with a random password, after which you can replace it with a new one in your personal account). Also, managers never ask you for your personal data from your personal account of the affiliate program. The only thing the manager may ask is your partner ID.

15. What if I forgot my password?

To recover your password in the authorization dialog box, you must click on «Forgot your password?», Enter your username, and follow the instructions from the letter to which the account was registered. If the letter did not arrive, do not forget to check the «Spam» folder, sometimes letters can get there.

You can also ask your manager to reset your password.

16. I earned $ 100 over the past period, and I have $ 50 on my balance. Where did the rest of $ 50 go?

Most likely earlier, for example, for the period before last, your balance was negative, and the income for the previous period covered it. Try looking at statistics for a longer period.

If you still have questions, ask your manager to explain everything in detail.

17. I want a banner with dimensions 888 × 444, but you don’t have one. And I also need a unique text review of the bookmaker. What should I do?

Active webmasters can order the necessary promotional materials from us and we will make them. To do this, you need to contact your manager.

Text reviews of projects are provided to webmasters who have more than 500 unique visitors per day on their target resource, or generate more than 100 first deposits per month in the affiliate program.

FAQ — Promotion and Tools

18. Are there countries where I cannot promote your products?

We do not accept traffic from countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Czech, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA

But we are actively working to start accepting players from these countries.

19. What is a redirect link?

We have implemented a new traffic management system. Traffic redirection schemes using your redirection link allow you to ensure the stability of access to the BC. The redirect link will always send players to an unblocked alternative BC domain in the event of a ban on the main site, and redirect to another available domain in the event of failures or increased load on the server. Redirect avoids traffic loss.

20. How to attract players to your Melbet bookmaker?

The main methods of attracting players are as follows:

— Promotion of your own BC-related sites in search engines.

— Creation of doorways.

— Attracting traffic from social networks (VK, classmates, Instagram, etc.) by placing advertising materials.

— Buying traffic (arbitrage) both in ad networks and directly from site owners.

21. What traffic converts best?

Best converting traffic from search engines (SEO). With a skillful approach, it is quite possible to convert sports traffic from social media. networks, but before you do it, find out what SMM is and what it is «eaten» with. It is also possible to buy traffic with a plus, but it all depends on its quality, as well as on how well you are able to “prepare” the visitor to go to the target site.

FAQ — statistics and income Melbet Partners

22. How are payments made?

The Partner can receive commission funds automatically every week on Tuesday to his gaming account for payments, but only if these funds exceed the minimum, for payment, the value of 1500 rubles or $ 30.

If the Partner does not have such an amount, then the funds will be automatically transferred, and so on until the required amount is accumulated. The negative balance is also carried over to the next month.

In order to set up a withdrawal of funds, you need to contact your manager so that he can verify the current payment details or help create a game account for payments.

23. How much can I earn?

There is no answer to this question. It all depends on the strength you put in. Many of our partners earn tens of thousands of dollars a month. On average, a successful partner can earn from 500,000 rubles per month (or even weekly).

24. Why do I have a minus sign in the “Income” column?

Players sometimes win, so under the RevShare income sharing scheme, the partner, like the bookmaker, also bears the costs. Negative balances are offset by the income from the loss of other players, and accordingly, in order to always be in the black, the number of attracted players should be constantly increased.

If you have just started a partnership and at the end of the first week you see a minus, do not worry, get upset and quit the partnership. As practice shows, continuing the partnership and attracting players, the dynamics of earnings is changing in a positive direction.

25. What are the salary term for a partner?

Basic schemes for working with partners:

1. RevShare. You will receive 25% of the income of the bookmaker (By default. For questions about increasing conditions, discuss with your manager).

2. CPA assumes a fixed fee for the listed players who have fulfilled the agreed conditions.

3. Refferal. Assumes earnings from attracted partners (a partner attracted by another partner is called a sub-partner) in our affiliate program, which is 3% of the total income of the partner’s company.

FAQ — other

26. What if I have more than one website?

You can attract players from any number of sites of any subject.

You can add more than one website to an affiliate program.

27. How long are cookies stored?

Cookies are stored for 30 days.