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How to start making money on traffic with the MELBET affiliate

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Hey. If you are reading this article, then you definitely have an interest in how you can monetize your traffic with the MELBET affiliate program.

In order to understand what an affiliate program is, what it is for, how it works, how you can make money on it, I will try to explain in more detail.

So, you have a telegram channel, or you are a blogger and you have an impressive number of subscribers, or you have a channel on youtube, VK, FB and even Odnoklassniki. In general, you have an audience.

It is best, and most effective, if the majority of your audience is M18 + (men 18+).

You see and come across sports betting advertisements on the Internet and in social networks. Almost everyone advertises them now. Someone directly the bookmaker itself, and someone advertises their analyst channel “capper” (capper – the one who helps people understand the world of sports betting, makes predictions, understands sports analytics).

So, all this brings in a sufficient amount of $$$ – provided that the audience is lively, active, and in line with interest in rates. Yes, it also happens that the audience is not suitable and the advertising of bets does not bring any results.

So. If you are a capper, or a novice capper, and have never heard of a partnership with a bookmaker, or do not understand how to work effectively and make money on this, urgently watch the video in which we tell you how to open and develop your capper channel, how to make money on it and etc .:

Watch video instruction

Overall, even those with regular news or entertainment channels or blogs will find this video a lot useful.

Further we will talk about how to work and earn with the MELBET affiliate program:

1. Registration in the affiliate program

Follow the link and click on registration

%melbet partners%

We fill in all the fields. Everything is simple – in the site field, insert the link of the site or group from where you plan to attract players, for a prompt contact with you, the manager in the skype field should write your nickname in the telegram tlg.

Мелбет партнерка

After registration, time is required for moderation (up to 48 hours), but in practice, moderation takes place within a couple of hours (sometimes even faster).

After you have passed the moderation and your personal account has become available and after reading this article you still have questions, write to the support with a request to be contacted by your personal manager.

2. Personal account of the affiliate program

So. You have passed moderation and your personal account has become available to you, let’s go through in order, for each item:

The main page displays graphs of statistics and results.

Мелбет партнерка

On the left is the menu, more about it below. At the top is your financial performance – namely your earnings. When the amount reaches $ 30 it will appear in the “available for withdrawal” field. With the rest, I think it’s clear.

The lower left graph shows the number of clicks, banner views (if you take them from your account) and direct links (in fact, this is the number of clicks on your referral link).

The bottom right graph shows the number of registrations, new accounts with deposits and earnings. Yes, the number of registrations and accounts with deposits is about different things. 100 players can register and 20 players can deposit.

At the very bottom, it shows statistics in numbers (registrations, accounts, deposits, income and your commission – earnings).

But a strong emphasis should not be placed on these indicators, since more detailed statistics show much more detail and more accurately.

Is it clear from the main one? Ok, let’s go through the menu items:

Add site – here you can add more sites and groups, if you have several of them, in order to then make separate promotional codes and ref links for each site \ group. To then see where which players come from and what kind of “exhaust” from them. You can also add not a site to the field, but any value that will help you identify traffic (for example, the name of the country – geo, or the name of a site without a domain zone).

Мелбет партнерка

Commission structure – this page shows what commission is set for you. At the first stage, everyone gets 25% of the bookmaker’s income (i.e., the players’ losses). If you want a commission of more than 25%, please discuss it with your manager.

Мелбет партнерка

Payment history – look at the history, how much and when there were payments. Payments are made when your earnings reach at least $ 30, on Tuesdays. In order to set up automatic payments, contact your manager. The settlement period is from Monday to Sunday. That is, on Tuesday, the payment for the previous week is made.

Мелбет партнерка

Account – everything seems to be simple and clear – your data. BUT! We strongly recommend that you install 2FA in order to protect your account from any scammers. You are solely responsible for the data from your affiliate account.

Мелбет партнерка

Contacts – support contacts are indicated (they are also indicated above in this article)

Мелбет партнерка

Now let’s move on to the main one. The main tools of the affiliate program:

Affiliate links – here we generate affiliate links. Those links following which players tag for you.

We select the site to which the referral link will be generated (later it will be easier to track traffic), select the currency (if available), in the campaign column, select the landing that interests us, or leave rus ref link. In the “landing page”, if we want the player to go to the main page of the site – we leave it blank, – if you want the player to immediately get to the registration form, then enter /user/registration.php

In SUBid we enter any value or name by which we can also filter statistics. For example, you have a site with several banners. For each banner, you can create a separate ref link with different subid, so that later you can see which banner converts better.

ATTENTION! Unfortunately, domains are blocked in some countries. At such moments, a new referral link domain is automatically created – you need to go to your account in the affiliate program, then to “affiliate links” and just copy the previously generated link (you do not need to generate a new one) – the new domain has already been replaced in it.

There is another easy way not to bother with constant manual replacement with a link, but for this you must have hosting and any domain on which you can put a script to auto-replace banned domains in your referral link. Moreover, I think it is not worth explaining that such a link as your own domain is more trustworthy for everyone;) In order to get the script, ask your manager for it (the installation instructions come with the script).

Мелбет партнерка

Promo codes – here we can generate up to 20 promotional codes. By independently generating promotional codes, you can get system types ml_6 ### 5 – you can ask your manager to make you a unique promotional code at your request (approx. HOTWIN or something similar with English letters and numbers, whatever you request).

What does a promo code give and how does it work?

The player using your promo code is tagged right after you. Even if the player went through the site in any other way (yes, even if using someone else’s referral link), but entered your promo code – the player is yours. Promo code is more important than ref links!

What does a player get by entering a promo code? The player increases the maximum possible bonus on his first deposit. Without a promo code maximum 100 euro, with a promo code 130 euro.

Example. The player makes a deposit of 300 euro without a promo code – he will receive a bonus of 100 euro. (i.e. the maximum available). If a player makes a deposit of 300 euros with a promo code, then he will receive a bonus of 130 euros.

Мелбет партнерка

Promo materials – in this section you can find ready-made promotional materials (banners, gifs, etc.) depending on currency, language, format, etc. Here you can either download a ready-made one, or get a code for integration into your site.

You can also ask your manager to provide you with a unique creative for you, with your promo code and design wishes. Such creations will be done on a first come, first served basis (depending on the designer’s employment).

Or you can visit our channel for event creatives in telegram.

Here are event creatives (pictures and videos for Insta and other social networks and messengers) of different formats: @melbetpromo

And here you can find landing pages for events: @MELBET landing

Postback и Domain API – if you need postbacks and / or api, ask your manager to activate them.

Is everything clear about the tools? Let’s go further on statistics and reports!

IMPORTANT! Registration and deposit statistics are updated every 30 minutes. In real time, statistics are updated only for views, clicks and direct transitions. Statistics may not be displayed during the next recalculation, but it does not disappear, but is simply updated.

For a more complete picture of the results, it is better to look at the reports for the previous day.

Summary – in this report you can see a short report on all players. The filter can be configured by currency, site and date.

Мелбет партнерка

Full report – displays a detailed report in numbers of sites, promotional offers, currency.

Мелбет партнерка

Promo materials – report on banners taken from Promo materials.

Мелбет партнерка

Players – in this report you can see when the player was registered, where he came from, how much he made a deposit. how much you won or lost, what is your earnings from each player, etc. (statistics items can be configured).

Мелбет партнерка

Sub-affiliates – yes, you can also attract partners and receive % of their profits.

In affiliate links in the campaign, you need to select the subref link and generate a link. You can give this link to a potential partner who, just like you, will attract players and earn. You will receive 3% of the income of such a partner or partners.

In this report, you can see a report on the income of your sub partners.

That’s all for the affiliate program and its tools.

What next? You are not a capper, do you just have channels with an audience? And would you like to monetize your traffic? Let me tell you in detail where to start.

1. Need a creative

Either you do it yourself, or you take event creatives from here @melbetpromo, another option is to take a banner from an affiliate program – well, if you want some kind of unique creo with your own promo code, ask your manager (and if anything, the manager has the right to refuse if the designer is already packed with tonsils with similar tasks – it will be faster and easier to take a ready-made and enter your promo code there yourself).

2. Determine the promo code and referral link.

Promo code – as I wrote above, either you generate it yourself in your affiliate account, or you ask the manager to make a beautiful, unique one.

Affiliate link – also described how to create a ref link above. Further, either we make a link to ourselves through the script, hanging on the domain, or we take any abbreviation like or and generate a short link, which we will then use.

3. Form a post. What to write?

There are 2 options here.

First variant general advertising post with a call to register and enter a promo code, make a deposit. An example of such a creative is below.

%melbet partners%

And second variant make a post with engagement for a specific event. We take an event, look at the forecast on sports media ( note), understand the essence of the text and write a short forecast. See example below.

%melbet partners%

That’s all. We post posts in the cart every 2-3 days, players register, make deposits, play – you earn. Passive income! PROFIT

So good luck with your earnings:

register and earn with MELBET!

That’s all. SUCCESS!

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